Design Guidelines*

Everything you need to design a clean, consistent and
user-friendly federal website.

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All the principles, styles and visual guidance to understand the design system and how to use it.


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Components are the building assets and has been specifically created to work with every situation.



Collection of downloadable files, tools,UI kits and more.


Save time by starting with a pre-made templates for various purposes instead of designing from scratch.



Use our open-source implementations, in partnership with the detailed usage guidelines here..

A design system
created by user,
For users.

The design system has been created based on research and information collected from in-depth studies conducted on user behaviour and benchmarking best practices. It considers the common usability issues faced across the website experience and provides practical solutions that will help entities achieve high levels of user satisfaction.


The guidelines, applications and components outlined in the design system follow a consistent format, be it container sizes or tone of voice.


All elements included in the design system are designed with current and future expectations to ensure that there is no reason or need to break away from the foundations laid down..


The guidelines serve a clear purpose and communicate a unified message with regards to how components are applied..


All components created can easily be adapted to suit the different needs of a specific Entity while still keeping unification best practices as mandated by Ministry of Cabinet Affairs.